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Protection Steels

Protection Steels
Miilux Protection steels are high quality Finnish protection steels for demanding applications. Miilux Protection steels are tested in compliance with PM2000, EN1522, Stanag 4569 and MIL-A-46100D, among others. Further information on the test performed and certifications is available from our Technical Customer Service and Miilux Protection Sales.

Typical applications of Miilux Protection steels are doors, banks, money exchange agencies, shooting ranges, money transportation vehicles, police vehicles and a wide range of applications in the protection equipment industry.
All Miilux Protection plates of over 5.0 mm of thickness are always delivered surface treated. Miilux Protection products can also be delivered as ready-for-installation components according to the customer’s wishes. Quick deliveries directly from the warehouse.
Stocks of Miilux Protection 500 steel plates, ready for immediate supply, are available in Singapore and Dubai through our sales and distribution partners the Brown McFarlane Group which specialises in the worldwide supply and processing of high quality steel plates.

Miilux Ballistic Steel Centre
Quick deliveries directly from our warehouse. For Miilux Protection steel plates 2.5-6.3 mm, we have ballistic test results according to class EN1522 ready for each cast in stock. Thecker plates are also available with a certain amount directly from stock.

We produce components with modern bending equiptment
machining, welding and cutting (laser, plasma water-jet) devices.